How to Locate Your Best Keywords There is no shortage of free and paid tools out there that make lots of claims about finding lucrative keywords to convert for your product/offer.  I’ve tried a lot of them.  This is my favored way thus far, if you know what your product/business is about and just need [...]
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This is the second post of two, pertaining to “rich snippets” or Google’s structured data, which makes that pretty little picture appear in Google’s results pages – which work GREAT for grabbing extra clicks. The last post described what you need to do on your Google+ page, which is about half the battle.  The GOAL is [...]
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Check out this new video we just released today for one of our clients, Zen Nail Lounge:  
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Ever seen something like this before? How’d they get that handsome face in there like that? That’s called Google Structured Data, or Rich Snippets.  I prefer Rich Snippets because it’s more fun to say. The upshot is, if you have a bunch of results like so: …and since you’re a really busy person and can’t [...]
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